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Pharma Induction, Refresher and Compliance training

Use Inspired Pharma to deliver your next Pharma compliance training programme deploying either our effective online learning courses, our GMP experts or use both for maximum impact


Pharma Compliance training

The Inspired Pharma team have designed and successfully delivered major Pharma Compliance training programmes for some of the UK’s largest Pharmaceutical organisations. Consequently some years ago, to complement our own expertise in workshop style courses we built a series of online GMP and GDP compliance training courses to enable organisations to achieve regulatory compliance more cost effectively. This initiative has been very successful with many companies using our services including AstraZeneca UK,  GW Pharma, MedPharm, Novartis Vaccines, Otsuka Pharma, Porton BioPharma, Proveca, Sequirus Vaccines and Thornton & Ross.

Click on the links in blue to find out more about our GMP compliance training or our GDP compliance training services.

Online Pharma Compliance training

We offer a series of online GDP and GMP training modules that are used for Pharma compliance training, or as part of a Pharma induction programme. These modules can also be used as part of on-going refresher training for existing personnel. In addition, the courseware can be customised, if required, for your site or company and can be purchased for use on your own internal systems. Also recently we have added a short online course on Data Integrity


The advantages of using this training offering include:

  • Access at any time (day or night)
  • Access via any computer, tablet or iPhone (or equivalent)
  • Built-in assessment questions and pass mark
  • Can be set up to provide training data for your compliance programme
  • Materials kept current and up-to-date as legislation changes
  • No need for an on-site trainer
  • Short modules with specific topics
  • Groups can undertake modules relevant to their role
  • Whether there is a large group to be trained or just a few individuals it is very cost effective

The modules/chapters last between 10-20 minutes and there are assessments for each chapter for the delegates to complete when they have finished each one.  These are marked automatically by the system.

Select this link to see the full course details about the online Data Integrity course.

Click on the links in blue to find out more about our GMP compliance training or our GDP compliance training services.

To try a free taster course complete the panel below and if you are interested in discussing how we can get individuals, or even your whole site, access to the GMP/GDP compliance training materials, then please get in touch.  Prices depend on the number of personnel, number of units to be accessed and number of sites involved.

INTERESTING workshop-based  Pharma compliance training

We have been involved in designing and delivering workshop based courses for some years now and the secret to success that we have found is to make the events INTERESTING. Our approach is explained in this article – click here to read

Of course, we can also provide any consultancy services you may require to tackle site specific issues that need to be addressed in more detail, perhaps as a result of an Inspection.

Ensure your team understand the importance of Data Integrity

Now Available - online Data Integrity training for your team Our 20-minute online Data Integrity training course will ensure your entire team understand the importance of Data Integrity and their...

New EU GMP Directive published

The European Union has published its new Directive for pharmaceutical manufacturing sites that is to replace the existing Directive (Directive 2003/94/EC) for human medicines. From having an initial look at the new Directive, here are a few comments.

What Pharma Companies Need to Know about Measuring Instrument Calibration

According to pharmaceutical cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, pharma companies need to conduct regular instrument calibration as part of their validation and qualification activities. This article gives an overview of what is involved.

Must, Shall and Should – the use of these words in GMP

What is the difference in meaning between these words in the context of GMP?, In this post I explain, using EU GMP as my point of reference, although as you will find out, there are occasions within EU GMP where the incorrect terms have been used.

Management Review – who, what, where and when?

The idea of Management Review meetings has only been a formal GMP requirement for the past 5 years or so. In the many visits that I do to pharmaceutical manufacturing sites I see these done – but rarely done well, which is a real shame. So what are these GMP Management Review meetings, why do we have them, what should be discussed, who should attend and how often should we have them?

2018 course dates

Details of our scheduled public course dates for 2018

Standards to use when auditing suppliers

If you are working to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) then you will need to audit many of your suppliers. GMP does not really tell you what pharmaceutical supplier standards you should or could use when auditing your suppliers this post lists of all the key standards to use when auditing suppliers including links to all of the key documents and authorities.

EU GMP Chapter 9: Self-Inspection – time for an update?

In the past few years eight of the nine chapters of EU GMP have been updated. However, Chapter 9 has not been updated at all. This is strange as GMP’s stance on Quality Management System thinking has evolved a lot of the past few years, so surely the requirements for the number one mechanism that you have to evaluate this system should be updated too? Here are my thoughts

News and Articles

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