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Here is a free template for things that you should include in an auditing closing meeting.

  • Thank the auditees for their time
  • Thank them for allowing you to audit them
  • Remind the auditees of the reason for the audit
  • Remind the auditees of the standard that you audited against
  • Remind everyone that the audit is confidential
  • State that you have only looked at a sample of the system
  • State if the audit is invalid  (you may have needed to see a specific activity and you did not see this)
  • Explain how you will present your findings
  • Confirm any non-conformities and observations raised
  • Provide a closing summary on how the audit has gone
  • State your final conclusions of the audit (satisfactory, unsatisfactory, etc.)
  • Tell the auditees when they will receive the audit report
  • Tell the auditees what they are expected to do once they receive the report
  • Allow any questions

I hope that this is of use when auditing.  If you need any auditor training – please visit our web-site for details of our IRCA registered Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems Auditor/ Lead Auditor training course.  Previous feedback is below.

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Regards,  Dominic

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