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Most of you will already have a QMS that has already been designed so  the contents of this video will help you to consider how you can evolve an existing QMS to cope with new regulatory requirements, QMS ideas and business pressures.

In this video we begin to examine the actual structure of a Quality Management System in a little more detail.  In thinking about the design criteria for a QMS we need to bear in mind issues, concerns and points related to contemporary quality thinking and points related to traditional pharmaceutical thinking.

Why does this matter to you?  In the first instance, the Quality Management System is integral to the successful operation of your business and, in the second, you will be either responsible for this system (or elements of it) or, in some way, be dependent on it. In either instance you have a vested interest in the system’s design, implementation, maintenance and review.

Note: This video is taken from Chapter 1 of the second Unit of both our online  QP Quality Management Systems course and also our Pharma Quality Management Systems course.

To see more videos on Quality Management Systems and Medicinal Chemistry visit our Vimeo Homepage

Our 5-day GMP Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course also reviews this topic in some detail.


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