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QP Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics course

We are very pleased to announce that our online QP Medicinal Chemistry and Thereupeutics module has recently been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry. See below to access some of the video content from this online course.
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QP Medicinal ChemistryThis course will help you to gain a greater understanding of the workings of the body and the effect that the medicines that we make have on humans and animals. The course meets the UK QP Study Guide requirements and is approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

This course is aimed at any trainee Qualified Person (QP) as it meets the UK QP Study Guide requirements. The QP Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics course is also of value as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for existing QPs. It is also of value to any Quality Professional or anyone working in a Medical, Research or Pharmacovigilance role who would appreciate a greater understanding of how medicines work and their effects on the body.

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The Body and How it Works

In this brief session we introduce the concept of the body and how it functions. In order to understand the basic concepts of Medicinal Chemistry you must be familiar with certain aspects of anatomy and physiology.This video features in Unit 3 Chapter 2 of the course.

Drug Classification

This video focuses on the various ways drugs are classified by the medical profession and is taken from Unit 01 Chapter 8 of the Course.

The Brain and Nervous System

This video is taken from Unit 04 Chapter 1 of the Course

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