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This free GMP video is taken from Chapter 2 of our online GMP course – for more details see below.

The free GMP video lasts less than 2 minutes and you can download it for your personal use OR as a part of any refresher/compliance training programme you are running in your organisation providing you leave the opening and closing credits part of the video. To download the video visit our Vimeo site. 

More Details about our online GMP course

Our GMP online course is aimed at new starters and existing staff as part of their induction and/or ongoing GMP training.  The GMP online course provides a detailed overview of why we have GMP and what GMP is in three CORE chapters with ADDITIONAL chapters covering specific GMP requirements for different parts of the site. Versions available include: 

  • GMP for Manufacturing Personnel
  • GMP for Packaging Personnel
  • GMP for Warehousing Personnel
  • GMP for Laboratory Personnel

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Access at any time (day or night)
  • Access via any computer, tablet or iPhone (or equivalent)
  • Built-in assessment questions and pass-mark
  • Provides training data for your compliance programme
  • Materials kept current and up-to-date as legislation changes
  • No need for an on-site trainer
  • Short modules with specific topics
  • Groups can undertake modules relevant to their role
  • Whether there is a large group to be trained or just a few individuals it is very cost effective
  • Approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Every learner who completes the course can download a Certificate with our logo and the RSC Approved Training logo

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You can see more free videos  by visiting our Vimeo site. 

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