Online Good Distribution Practice (GDP) training course

Gain an appreciation of the main requirements of Good Distribution Practice in an hour with this on-line course!

This GDP online course course is aimed at new starters and existing staff as part of their ongoing GDP training.  The GDP online course provides a detailed overview of why we have GDP, what GDP is and an overview of its main requirements.

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Available anytime anywhere using a desktop pc, laptop, tablet and most smartphonesTakes about an hour to complete including online assessmentsPicture1

 If you plan to pay by credit card then you should first look at this helpful information. You will be set up with access to the UK course by default. If you would prefer the non-UK course then send us an email once you have made your online booking.

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GDP online course contents:

The GDP online course consist of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: An introduction to the pharmaceutical industry
This chapter provides an overview of the pharmaceutical industry and the need to regulate medicine manufacture and supply.

Chapter 2: An introduction to Good Distribution Practice
This chapter introduces the concept of Wholesale Dealer Authorisations and the need for Good Distribution Practice.

Chapter 3: The Good Distribution guidelines
The main contents and requirements of the 10 chapters of GDP are explained and why these are important.

Chapter 4: Working to GDP
The key elements of GDP are covered, with a special focus on what GDP means for the individual working for an organisation involved in the storage, transport and/or brokering of medical products.

The chapters above are available either as a UK or non-UK version.  The UK version has references to the UK’s Regulatory Authority (the MHRA) and their “Green Guide”, whereas the non-UK version does not.

If you would like further details on the specific contents of each chapter and the suitability for the individual then please contact us

To try a free Taster course subscribe using the panel at the bottom of the page.

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The duration of each chapter lasts approximately 10 – 15 minutes.  The whole GDP online course should last about an hour.

Assessment and certificates:

Each chapter has a series of randomly selected assessment quiz questions at the end of each one.  An 80% pass mark is expected.  Guidance is provided if a delegate gets an answer wrong.  After successful completion of the course a certificate is available for download by the delegate.

Previous online delegate feedback:

“We all found this course very accessible and easy to follow. It has been a great help to our Company” Tim Webb, Business Development Manager, Cougar Couriers

“The whole course has been extremely well structured and I have enjoyed taking it.”

“I would recommend more of this type of course.”

Prices for the GDP online course:

The individual price for access to the whole course (all four chapters) is £95. Delegates will have access to the course for a 2-month period from the registration of the delegate.  If they do not complete the course within this time then they will need to pay again to complete the course.  No certificate is issued if the course is not completed in full.

If you would like to book onto the course as an individual delegate, then please click on the links above.  This will take you through to our card payment system.  Course registration will follow soon after payment has been received.


You may book up to 10 delegates on this course at a price of £95 for each delegate by using the links above.  This will take you through to our card payment system. Alternatively, you may opt for an invoice to be issued as part of the registration process. Course registration will follow soon after payment has been received.

Discounts are available for groups of 10 or above and the discount increases depending on numbers.  Please  contact us for further information.

Purchase of materials outright:

If you are interested in purchasing the course materials for use on your own Learning Management Systems (LMS) then please contact us to discuss options.

Sales Tax:

Price excludes UK Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20% which will also be charged for UK based delegates.  VAT will not be charged for delegates from outside of the European Union (EU) or for delegates from within the EU if they supply their company’s VAT number when booking.

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