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GDP Training

Our range of highly interactive and thought provoking GDP training courses are focussed on the pharma sector. All presented by GDP experts with great training abilities.
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GDP Training – Classroom courses for your experts and online courses for your organisation

Whatever your GDP training needs are, Inspired Pharma have the right solution for you. Our public classroom courses run on a 6 monthly basis, at least, and often more regularly. These courses are also available for in-house delivery and can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

In addition, we have developed a range of online GDP training courses which can be deployed for

  • a GDP compliance training programme
  • a GDP refresher training programme
  • or used as part of a GDP induction training programme

These online GDP training courses can also be complemented with workshop activities designed and delivered by Inspired Pharma experts to maximise the impact of any of these programmes.

Our expertise is second to none and we have delivered GDP training to many of the top global Pharma organisations.

GDP Training Classroom courses

We offer a range of highly interactive and thought-provoking GDP training courses focussed on the pharma sector.  All presented by experts with great training abilities.  These include:

Good Distribution Practice

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £595 plus VAT

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Also available in-company and can be customised to your requirements. For more info please email or call

Responsible Person Course

 Duration: 2 days

Cost: £1190 plus VAT 

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This course is in development and will be available shortly. For more info please email or call

Data Integrity: threats & issues

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £595 plus VAT

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Also available in-company and can be customised to your requirements. For more info please email or call

Pharma Internal Auditor course

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £1190 plus VAT

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Also available in-company and can be customised to your requirements. For more info please email or call 

Pharma Problem Solving course

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £1190 plus VAT

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Also available in-company and can be customised to your requirements. For more info please email or call

GDP training online courses

We offer a series of online GDP training modules that are used for GDP compliance training, or as part of a GDP induction programme to introduce new starters to Good Distribution Practice. These modules can also be used as part of on-going GDP refresher training for existing personnel. In addition, the courseware can be customised, if required, for your site or company. And, can be purchased for use on your own internal systems.

Benefits: The advantages of using online GDP training offering include:

  • Access at any time (day or night)
  • Access via any computer, tablet or iPhone (or equivalent)
  • Built-in assessment questions and pass-mark
  • Can be set up to provide training data for your compliance programme
  • Materials kept current and up-to-date as legislation changes
  • No need for an on-site trainer
  • Short modules with specific topics
  • Groups can undertake modules relevant to their role
  • Whether there is a large group to be trained or just a few individuals it is very cost effective

There are chapters introducing delegates to the pharmaceutical industry as well as understanding the Good Distribution Practice guidelines. An additional chapter is also available on Data Integrity. To find out more about our GDP Compliance Training solutions click on the link in this sentence.

Alternatively, if you just want to find out more about our online GDP training courses and to possibly book online then you should visit our  online GDP course page.

Why choose Inspired Pharma for GDP training?

Firstly, our team includes experts in GDP with many years of experience in its practical deployment in pharmaceutical organisations – see more details here.

Secondly, we offer a fresh approach to training using exercises and workshops to put the learning into practice and giving you the facts that you need and how to apply them. Our goal is to ensure that every learner who takes one of our courses returns to their workplace ‘inspired‘ to make a difference. See some recent feedback shown below:

Very Interactive

QA Officer, SANOFI

Good content, nice pace & well delivered”

Compliance Manager, THORNTON & ROSS

Great presentation, brilliant knowledge

Compliance Systems Co-ordinator, GSK

We all found this course very accessible and easy to follow. It has been a great help to our Company

Business Development Manager, COUGAR COURIERS

A very interactive course

Supply Quality Officer, WOCKHARDT

Well presented and informative

Senior QA Officer, THORNTON & ROSS

Very good knowledgeable tutor, enthusiastic and approachable

Supply Logistics Director, GSK

Really well presented with a great mix of slides and exercises

QA Manager, SANOFI

This was a great course that met my needs to get trained in GDP. There were lots of practical examples to test learning during the course

Director Regulatory & Medical Affairs, INFIRST HEALTHCARE

Our most recent independently verified reviews from the Reviews.io website

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GDP Compliance

About Inspired Pharma

We help people in pharma organisations to continually improve their regulatory systems to gain competitive advantage and ensure compliance.

We offer a wide range of highly praised and respected classroom and online training courses and also provide our global pharma clients with consultancy support. Our classroom courses are available on a public schedule and also can be customised for inhouse delivery at a client site.

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Forthcoming Public Courses


17 Good Manufacturing Practice


05 Pharma GMP Lead Auditor Manchester, UK
13 Internal Auditor
20 Sterile Products
27 Problem Solving


03 Pharma GMP Lead Auditor

All pharma training courses held in Reading UK unless stated otherwise. Click on course name for full details.

Online courses available anytime anywhere

Data Integrity

Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Pharma Quality Management Systems module

QP Medicinal Chemistry & Therapeutics module

QP Quality Management Systems module

Each course typically consists of 10-20 minute chapters of content followed by a quiz based assessment. The QP courses feature tutor assessment too. The learning is accessed over the internet using desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

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Ensure your team understand the importance of Data Integrity

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Must, Shall and Should – the use of these words in GMP

What is the difference in meaning between these words in the context of GMP?, In this post I explain, using EU GMP as my point of reference, although as you will find out, there are occasions within EU GMP where the incorrect terms have been used.

Data Integrity – why all the fuss?

The careful and secure control of data and records has become a hot topic at regulatory inspections recently. One reason for this is the increased use of computer systems to hold data in one form or another. Let me give you an example of how keeping data accessible can become problematic with a non-pharmaceutical example from my own childhood.

Problems and deviations – avoid blaming the operator

You should be careful of putting “human error” as the cause of a problem, without considering what caused the human to make the error in the first place

Launch of short on-line GDP course

This one-hour course is designed to provide people new to the pharmaceutical industry with an appreciation of the main requirements of Good Distribution Practice and/or for refresher/compliance training.

GDP News and Articles

Read our articles on GDP regulatory developments as well as news about our GDP training courses.