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Online Data Integrity course - understand the threats and issues

A short online course to ensure your team understand their role in meeting current regulatory expectations regarding Data Integrity
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An online Data Integrity course to ensure your team understand their role in meeting the expectations of EU Inspectors and the FDA regarding Data Integrity threats and issues

Data Integrity is currently a MAJOR focus area during regulatory inspections.  It is therefore essential that your team have the correct understanding of what is required.  This online data integrity course covers the background to Data Integrity, why it is important and how its requirements affect both paper-based and computer-based systems.  This 20-minute online data integrity course will give you and your team a clear understanding of your role in meeting the expectations of EU Inspectors (such as the UK’s MHRA) and the FDA.

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Key Course Information

Who will the course benefit?

This online Data Integrity course is aimed at new starters and existing staff as part of their ongoing Data Integrity training. It delivers a practical overview of the threats and issues posed within paper-based, electronic and hybrid systems. Trainees will finish the course with an understanding of how Data Integrity impacts on their day to day role and how to comply with regulatory expectations. Trainees simply login and start learning, wherever and whenever they like!


Course overview

Delegates will learn about Data Integrity threats and issues posed by paper, electronic and hybrid systems and how to comply with regulatory requirements. Delegates will leave the course with a clear understanding of the current expectations of EU Inspectors (such as the UK’s MHRA) and the FDA.


The online data integrity course takes around 20 minutes to complete including the assessment .

Course content

  • What is Data Integrity?
  • Why it is important
  • The ALCOA principles, for: Paper-based, computer-based and hybrid systems

online Data Integrity training

  • Application of the ALCOA Principles
  • The importance of metadata
  • Positive Quality Culture
  • Assessment


Assessment and certificates:

At the end of the online data integrity course there is a series of randomly selected assessment quiz questions.  An 80% pass mark is expected to successfully complete the course.  Guidance is provided if a delegate gets an answer wrong.  After successful completion of the course, a certificate is available for download by the learner and/or the team administrator.

Purchasing options and details

Use our online system

Learners simply need their desktop pc, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone and access to the internet to undertake this 20-minute online Data Integrity course.This will enable them to access the course ANYTIME ANYWHERE.

Learners have 2 months to complete the course :

Learners will have access to the online data integrity course for a 2-month period from their registration onto the course by the Team Administrator. If they do not complete the course within this time then you will need to pay again to complete the course or if you have an unused license you may use this. A certificate is only issued once the course is completed in full

Groups up to 50

You can use the buttons in the panel above to purchase multiple licenses for up to 50 learners. For example, if you have 15 learners in your team purchase the 10-license option twice. If you have 35 learners purchase the 10-license option and the 25-license option. Once we have received your payment we will set up your team in our system and also a team administrator (you or someone you nominate). The team administrator will then add your learners up to the maximum number you have purchased. They will then be able to see their learners progress and print certificates from the system for their own internal records. To undertake these activities the team administrator will be sent links to relevant parts of the Help system. If they have any questions the team administrator will be able to contact our support team via email.

Larger Groups

The process for larger groups is exactly as described above except that you should contact us to outline your requirements and questions. We will provide you with a quote and if you decide to go ahead send you an invoice.

Or use internally

If you are interested in purchasing the online data integrity course materials on an annual license for use on your own Learning Management Systems (LMS) then please contact us to discuss options.

Versions available:

The courseware is available in the following formats: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and the Tin Can API.

Why choose Inspired Pharma?

The benefits of this programme?

  • Accessed over the internet using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Or available for access via your own internal systems
  • Aimed at new starters, existing staff and as part of ongoing Data Integrity training
  • Authored by specialists in the field of Data Integrity who can provide you with additional implementation support, if required
  • The course provides an overview of DI threats and issued posed within paper, electronic and hybrid
  • It delivers a consistent message to facilitate building a positive Data Integrity culture
  • At the end of the course assessment ‘quiz questions’ evaluate the learner’s knowledge
  • Upon successful completion, a certificate is available for download by the trainee and/or the team administrators
  • It’s simple, flexible and very cost effective
  • For further details click on the tabs below

Delegate feedback on our online courses

I would recommend more of this type of course

We all found this course very accessible and easy to follow. It has been a great help to our Company

Tim Webb

Business Development Manager, COUGAR COURIERS

The whole course has been extremely well structured and I have enjoyed taking it

Delegate feedback on our Data Integrity courses

Good, provided useful information


Very informative. Good interaction

QA Systems Specialist, MEDIMMUNE

Very useful, would recommend to others for a good grounding

Validation Manager, OXFORD BIOMEDICA

Informative on the subject, tutor was able to help with all questions

Quality Executive, GSK

Very informative, relevant, well presented

Head of Analytical Services, OXFORD BIOMEDICA

A good introduction to the challenges of governance for data integrity

Director, EU GMP Compliance, EISAI

Our Experts

The team who have designed and built this course

David Thompson

David Thompson

David is a Computer Systems Validation and Compliance expert. He has worked in the IT/Computer Systems arena for almost 30 years, the last 16 years he has provided Consultancy, Auditing and Training to the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industry across the UK, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. He is a Chartered Engineer with both the MIET and the MInstMC and a member of the GAMP MES SIG. He is involved in our data integrity and computers systems auditing courses.

Dominic Parry

Dominic Parry has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1992, and is a leading pharmaceutical quality management specialist. He is generally recognised as one of the leading GMP trainers in the UK and brings an enormous amount of interest, enthusiasm and fun into the training he presents.

Ron Orme

Ron Orme

Ron has been involved in the learning and development industry for over 20 years. He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and in 2004 received the LPI ‘Colin Corder’ award for outstanding services to the training industry. He is the architect behind our website and our learning platform and also develops the web-based learning courses that we now offer to support many of our learning programmes. In addition, he also provides general business support on strategy and sales and marketing.

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Data Integrity – why all the fuss?

The careful and secure control of data and records has become a hot topic at regulatory inspections recently. One reason for this is the increased use of computer systems to hold data in one form or another. Let me give you an example of how keeping data accessible can become problematic with a non-pharmaceutical example from my own childhood.

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